How Norton Security Coupons Help Me With Backing Up My Files

With billions of computer and smartphone users worldwide, all connected to the internet, cyber crime has reached an unpredented level. Online data theft, malware and hacking are the main threats now for internet users therefore an antivirus software for every device is a must. One of the leaders in the market of the antivirus software is Symantec Inc, with its Norton products.

Norton Security is a heavyweight in the PC security sphere, thanks to its ability to reliably protect PCs and other computing gadgets from emerging and existing security threats, both online and offline. As if things could not get better, Norton’s latest technology service – online file backup – has proven just as formidable. Fans of this security software, and pretty much anyone who cares about the safety of their online data, can now have Norton store their files for safety, easy access, and a host of other benefits.

Norton Coupon Code Was A Godsend For Me When It Came To Safe Storage Of My Online Data

Until recently, I have lived in constant worry about the safety of my online files. Truthfully, my past attempts at storing data online have not ended so well. On many occasions, I have lost everything I had stored online, which, as anyone who has undergone such a catastrophic experience can confess, is a distressing nightmare. As a matter of fact, I was just about to give up on cloud storage altogether, but with its unsurpassed convenience, I could not just give up and move back to storing my information offline.

So, I told my issue to a friend of mine and he told me that not only he had found the right software but also a norton discount code which had saved him 20% off the initial price.

Anyway, thanks to Norton’s online backup feature and the discount coupon, I now have a dependable online storage facility that also comes with all the perks that top-range cloud storage has to offer. Norton Online Backup is a must-have if you are tired of losing your data to hard drive crashes, or worse still, data loss ‘accidents’ often experienced from using unreliable cloud storage providers, some of whom even charge premium fees for their mediocre services.

However, you do not have to take my word for it, here are the features that make Norton’s online storage feature a must-have if you care about the safety of your online data.

Features Of Norton Security’s Online Backup

Just as in the PC security niche, Norton’s online backup feature clearly stands out from the crowd. To begin with, a single account can cover 5 PCs, which means you can use an account as a family or a group, with each individual being able to access the contents on their computer.

Onlike some online backup companies, Norton does not just create a single copy of your data while it is stored in the cloud. When you upload your valuable data to Norton’s online storage facility, it is stored in multiple locations, which means that chances that your data will disappear after a malfunction in one of the data storage centers are practically next to nil.

Thirdly, Norton has over 3 decades of experience in the computer security field. Few providers of online backup services can top that. More importantly, this means that your data is very safe from attacks whenever it is stored in Norton’s cloud facilities.

This assuring combination of factors clearly explains why you will have peace of mind knowing that Norton is responsible for the safety of your online files.

Optimizing Your Computer With the Help Of Iolo System Mechanic Coupons

As a dedicated front-end developer, I am a professional that is really putting his computer under a lot of pressure. My job is a combination of a visual designer and web-based coder who is tasked with making sure that each project my team works on both looks great and works flawlessly for the end user. When I began working more than a decade ago, I was mostly building standard Web 2.0 websites and portals. But today, thanks to the advancement of the IT technology, especially when it comes to online services, my job scope has become much bigger. From online, browser-based video games to app interfaces and complex geotagging services, I work on everything and anything web-related. But, the same new workload also includes a whole range of things I have to do on my computer which resulted in a big issue for me: cluttering.

Using design, antivirus and internet security software, coding prompts, testing suits, and collaborative tools, along with constantly checking the projects I am working on left my computer in terrible shape. This included it getting slower and slower, having trouble with working memory and constantly crashing. I was desperate for a solution because I had to do all of the same procedures for my work. But then, out of nowhere, I came across System Mechanic software package by Iolo. With it, in a matter of hours, I was able to get my computer in great shape and thanks to an Iolo discount coupon  I attained, I was not forced to spend a huge amount of money.

What Does The Software Do

The main purpose of the software is to enhance the performance of a computer through iolo custom technology, which covers repair procedures, speed boosting, optimization of the internet connectivity procedures, cleaning of redundant files and bloatware and enhancing security. The same takes place as soon as the software is installed and placed on the task of cleaning a cluttered system just like mine one. Additional features that I found highly useful when using this software are the PC and Privacy cleaners, along with an excellent Registry tuner which finally resolved the mess left on my computer from all that application usage. The Crudd remover was also effective in clearing redundancies while the Memory Mechanic was able to fix my waster RAM memory. When this was complete, I used the booster features of the software to elevate my system speed, internet connection, and startup speed.

The pros of iolo System Mechanic include its ability to resolve even the most misused and neglected system out there, getting it in good shape once again. Aside from this, the combo of the different features means that even well-off systems and computers can fix or improve a particular domain, like internet usage or RAM issues. When it comes to the cons of the software, the biggest issue users have is its relative complexity when the System Mechanic is used manually. However, even these potential issues go away for all users after a few days of usage.

Where To Find Iolo Coupons

The regular price of iolo System Mechanic ranges between $50 and $60, depending on the vendor. However, the same company offers its iolo coupons on a regular basis, which helps in this case, decrease the price to $40 or even $35 for the package. When it comes to the potential of the software, this is more than a reasonable price. Also, iolo coupons cover things like System Mechanic promo code offers so the price can even go down further. All of this makes the same software the absolute winner in the domain of system cleanup and boosting, which is the exact thing it did for my computer. Coupons Make Website Building Affordable and Fun

This is an introduction to Website Builder Software. We look at benefits, features and prices of each plan, as well as money saving coupon codes.


What is Website Builder

In the past, making a simple website meant that you had to know html, CSS and how to create and manipulate images. Today, website Builders, use software to manipulate all complicated elements so that even people no coding background can build websites in just a few minutes.

Though Website Builders are pretty cool tools, it’s important to distinguish between basic tools that just let you put text on a webpage, and more advanced tools that allow you to create webpages with great design and user-interaction features, such as shopping carts, payment processors and coupon generators.’s Website Builder software is a more advanced solution.


Available solutions

At the time of this review, there are 3 available plans;

  •  A limited free version available with any hosting plan
  • A professional version that offers unlimited pages, built-in analytics and more for $6.75 per month,
  • A business plan that features all of the tools you need to run an e-commerce website for just $16 per month.

Using promo code “DOMFREE” you can get a domain name free of change with any of the above 3 plans.

Each plan builds on top of the last one, so the business plan has all of the features that the professional and free editions offer. All three plans offer a robust drag and drop user interface that facilitates simple editing and uploading. You can edit pages in real-time right from your browser. This means you don’t have to start your FTP client, buy specialized software, or even use a fancy text editor. Your web browser is all you need.’s website builder comes with a fantastic library of pre-built pages, sections, and images. You can set up a professional looking website with just a few clicks by assembling a unique combination of provided media. As your website grows, you can use your web browser to replace these stock elements with styles and images that better suit your brand.


Basic Features

The free plan comes with more than enough to get you started, including integrated social media links and the ability to effortlessly hook up with PayPal. It is limited to only 6 webpages.

When you are ready to step up to the professional builder, you will get that limit removed and be able to create as many web pages as you like. You’ll also get a number of upgraded features, like the ability to embed HD videos, automated site backups, and a suite of statistical and analytic tools to help you monitor your site’s progress and grow your brand. The basic Website Builder starts at $6.75 but can be reduced further if you use a valid coupon.


Advanced e-Commerce Features

Upgrading to a business plan gives you access to 3 powerful eCommerce features. By taking advantage of them, you can save hundreds of dollars on software and custom web design.

  • First,’s website builder can set up a fully functional e-commerce shop on your page. Normally, it’s fairly complicated to get a secure, customized store set up for your products. With the website builder, it just takes a few clicks.
  • Second, the business plan comes with inventory management software that’s directly integrated into your website. Not only can you easily keep track of stock yourself, you can also keep your customers up-to-date with new inventory and stock levels. While the free version of’s builder supports PayPal, the business plan enables you to choose from a variety of payment processors. Using one with a better merchant agreement can save you several percent on each transaction and help keep your prices competitive.
  • Finally,’s builder has a system for managing and offering coupon codes. Coupon codes are a great way to market your products and services while keeping track of where you’re getting traffic from. The software bundled with the builder can set up complex coupons with a variety of rules to make sure you’re still making money with each sale.


Saving with Discount Codes Website Builder offers a lot more functionality than a basic WordPress install. Even at $16 a month, the business plan is a lot cheaper than having a custom e-commerce website designed by a professional.

At the time of this review, if you apply discount code DOMAINSAVE at checkout you can save an extra 20% off your order.

Other coupons for Website Builder software can be found online.

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