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Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Builder Software has established itself as a popular domain name registrar. However, the company also offers a number of additional web services, such as web hosting and website building. If you’re interested in the latter, gives you three options:   Having their web design team create a professional-looking website per your specifications Buying a web […]

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Shoes with Sensors Detect Obstacles and Lead the Blind

What is a haptic shoe? A haptic shoe is a new shoe type that has been designed to utilize the haptic technology so as to enable the blind and visually impaired persons to walk independently without necessarily having to use the cane or any other traditional walking device. The shoe enables the users to detect […]

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Moticon Insole: Sensing Foot Dynamics

German company Moticon has created the world’s first wireless sensor insole. I am never surprised to see new technology on mobile devices, laptops and computers. However, I was really surprised to see wearable technology on the rise, including footwear. An example of footwear that uses advanced technology is the sensor insole. It is a unique […]

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