DorothyThe variety of reasons why we like fashion goes from the simple to the bizarre. In my case, as a 28 year old woman, fashion represents more than simply something to wear. When I choose my clothes and shoes I am reflecting my mood, my plans and my goals for the day. Often, my apparel and footwear choices reflect the needs of my job. You see, as a member of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society, I am often involved in outdoor remote sensing projects, where I spend most of the day walking and installing remote sensors.

Blame it to my education and my current job, but what fascinates me the most in the footwear industry is the remote sensing technology and how it applies to athletic shoes and accessories.

At the same time, I am a big fan of fashion for the right reasons: fashion is that creative outlet we can use to show the world who we are and how we feel.

My mum was a great advocate of individuality and whenever we went shopping for clothes I picked what I liked. Most of my friends had "sensible clothes and shoes" but they also seemed less careful with them and stuck in a generic uniform that every single kid was wearing. Me on the other side can look back at pictures of scarlet red ballet pumps and glittery sandals that made me the happy kid I was feeling special and unique.

It was clear that I was going to become the type of girl who would not compromise fashion over prices. Instead, I developed a sixth sense to find a bargain and sense when fashion was going to shift or take over.

At this stage, I can find the shoes I want and have them the way I want them. I am a big fan of Manolos and Converse in equal measure. It all depends of my mood and my plans but the great thing is that by having such a widespread taste, I have learned a few tricks to get the bargains, find the best choice and even spot the brands that will become big before anyone else knows about them.

This blog is my way to share my secrets. If everyone shops cleverly, the big brands would find out about us and understand that we are customers who require as much attention as their shops.

Dorothy Fonseca