Fitbit Charge HR Wristband: Stylish and Easy to Use

Fitbit Charge HR Wristband: Stylish and Easy to Use

Are you one of those people who want a count of every small ounce of hard work that they do? Well, then welcome aboard. I love working out, but i don’t have the patience to wait for the result to show on my body. I have always wanted a daily counter or tracker to monitor my progress. My requirements were taken care of when a friend at office recommended Fitbit Charge HR wristband, which i decided to buy from the convenience of my home through Amazon at an affordable price of $150. I bought the product in January 2015, and ever since then i have been more than satisfied with its use.

Key Features:

  1. TRACK OF DAILY ACTIVITIES – It accurately counts the number of stairs I climb and the number of steps I take. The small LED screen on the wristband continuously shows the heartbeat rate.
  2. TRACKS WORKOUT – The small button on the wristband when pressed converts it into a stop watch mode, and then it tracks my workouts in terms of number of calories burnt and heart rate.
  3. SLEEP TRACKER – The sleep tacker feature shows the number of hours I sleep, which in turn helps me to plan my work so as to get my daily requirement of 8 hours of sleep.
  4. SMARTPHONE NOTIFICATIONS – An added advantage of the Fitbit Charge HR is that it gives me a call notification on the screen every time I get a call on my phone, and based on who is calling I can decide whether I need to stop my workout and take the call or not.


  1. STYLISH – The wristband has a watch-like look with a rubber strap. I am in love with the black rubber like design, which gives it a very sleek and trendy look. The black color goes well with all my outfits, and so there is no need to compromise on my looks.
  2. EASY TO USE APP – The tracker device can be easily synced with my computer, and the fitbit app is very user friendly. I can clearly understand my activity levels and my sleep cycle.
  3. SET UP CHALLENGES – I set up regular challenges for myself in the app. My Fitbit Charge HR reminds me of the challenges, and also notifies me whether i have been able to meet them or not.
  4. BATTERY LIFE – With the range of all my daily activities, my battery generally lasts 4-5 days, which i am quite satisfied with.

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