GPS SmartSole sets a Geo-Fence, Locates and Monitors Loved Ones

GPS SmartSole sets a Geo-Fence, Locates and Monitors Loved Ones

The GPS SmartSole was developed over a period of twelve years by GTX Corps to provide you with the comfort of knowing where your loved ones are at all times. Before we get to understand what it does, we first have to know what the SmartSole is.

What is the GPS SmartSole?

This is a basic insole, similar to many other insoles, only with a small GPS tracking device inserted in it. Usually, they are sold in pairs although only one sole has the sensing device placed inside it.

These soles are worn inside the shoe and the wearer can be tracked easily and located using the GPS. The sensors are quite accurate, giving readings of up to within 10 feet or 3 meters.

How does it work?

The Smart Sole utilizes both cellular communications signals and a Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor your loved one’s position and transmits it to a central monitoring system. This system functions as a detector for your loved one’s whereabouts and it can be accessed through the internet by individuals with the necessary authorities through an exclusive and encrypted portal which is developed and maintained by the same company.

Usually, if you have the correct authority to access a particular portal, you can check the position of your loved one at any moment simply by logging into the site and noting where they are from the Google Map display. The map also shows previous and current locations that the wearer of the shoe may have gone to.

Additionally, the company has developed Android and iPhone applications which can be used to monitor the Smart Sole through the portal.

By constantly monitoring the movements of the individual of concern, the central monitoring system maps out a Geo-Fence to determines areas where the wearer visits frequently and thereby establish a suitable safe zone. If this individual leaves the established safe zone at any moment, signals are immediately sent to the caregiver’s device either through email or a text message.

A safe zone can be as small as the size of a yard or it can extend to a two-mile radius, depending on the location of the caregiver and the activities of the tracked individual.

The tracker is equipped with a small rechargeable battery which can last for up to three days depending on how it is used. It is recharged through a wireless charging pad which comes along with the SmartSole.

Who is the SmartSole designed for?

Initially, the Smart Sole was designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease since they tend to lose direction and get lost quite frequently. However, based on my assessment, I think that this device is applicable to:

  • People suffering from different forms of dementia
  • Autistic individuals
  • firefighters, particularly those who deal with forest fires
  • Individuals who work in dangerous professions or places such as missionaries or journalists.

With the direction that sensor technology is taking, it is refreshing to see an effective device applying both new and old technology to introduce a revolutionary device to the market. It is now easier for you to monitor your loved ones at the comfort of your home or to find them in case they accidentally get lost.