Moticon Insole: Sensing Foot Dynamics

German company Moticon has created the world’s first wireless sensor insole.

Sensor Insole Moticon

I am never surprised to see new technology on mobile devices, laptops and computers. However, I was really surprised to see wearable technology on the rise, including footwear. An example of footwear that uses advanced technology is the sensor insole. It is a unique innovation that was created for the purpose of sensing foot dynamics using sensor technology. Analyzing foot pressure, weight, balance, and distribution is crucial in performance sports, physio practice, and clinical care.

I find it interesting that the insole is comfortable because I expected it to contain some wires which make it uncomfortable to wear but the insole is completely wireless. It is lightweight, ultra flat and robust thus giving the user high in-shoe comfort. It also has an ergonomic fit so you won’t have to worry about stress or injury to your foot. It is available in 5 different shoe sizes, which include EU 36/37 to 44/45. You can choose between the anti slip Ripstop material and the artificial leather which is very easy to clean.

What Does the Insole Measure?

The insole measures 4 important things which include balance, weight, pressure and motion. These measurements are taken by sensors which are located on the insoles. Motion is measured through a 3D accelerometer which is located on each insole. Pressure and weight are measured by the 13 capacitive pressure sensing pads which are located on each sensor insole. Motion is then calculated using the raw data that has been collected by these sensors.

How the sensor insole works

As mentioned earlier, the sensor insole has no wire and is thus controlled wirelessly using the Moticon software. You thus need to connect to a smartphone or an ANT enabled PC. The insole can operate in 3 modes. One of them is the Recording mode in which data is collected and stored in the integrated memory and the user can later access this information for personal use. Another mode is the Live mode which involves real time streaming of data to another device for the purpose of storing data or getting feedback. The other mode is sleeping mode. When the sensors are not receiving any signal(s) of movement, the insole will automatically switch to sleep mode and this enables it to save energy which can be used at a later time.

Technology Used

Beaker is the software used for the sensor insoles. This software has a very nice user interface that is very easy for anyone to use. The software controls the insoles, analyzes data collected and has various importing and exporting functions. Some of the basic functions that are found in the software include crop/cut, and sub-folders. Additionally, there are productivity functions including maximum pressure distribution and average pressure among others. Beaker also enables the user to synchronize data and videos.

Where Sensor Insole Can be used

There are various areas where this awesome piece of technology can be used. One of them is during physiotherapy. The insoles can be quite useful to the doctors in monitoring the patients’ motion and balance. This will help them know the progress of patients.

If you are athletic, you can also use these sensor insoles to monitor your speed and other things that may be essential to the type of sport you are participating in. The sensor insoles sound very interesting. I might just get a pair for myself, not because I’m athletic but because I love technology.