Protecting Your Family More Effectively With Norton

Kids are raised in an environment filled with technology stimuli; monitors and smart devices everywhere, laptops, cell phones and other home gadgets. From young age as they watch their parents talking to their phones or getting directions from a talking GPS, they also learn to press keyboard buttons, slide their little palms over touch screens, play and even draw through a computer.

Furthermore, the internet has become a tool no family can live without. Homework for school requires internet access, but how can you tell if your kid is doing work for school or wandering aimlessly around the net? Would you ever allow your kid wander alone down town or walk through a bad neighborhood late at night? I don’t think so. Then why pay less attention when it comes to internet use?

First of all, don’t be so naive to just buy them a personal computer and put it at their room. They should learn to use the “home computer” which will be somewhere in the living room or kitchen with the monitor always facing inwards and not the wall.

Secondly, you will want to create a separate account for your kid through windows Control Panel (then go to Add or remove user accounts, then Create a new account ) and place restriction in the kind of sites they will be allowed to visit. There are many software which let you exclude certain categories (gambling, violence, xxx) from navigation or specific URLs.

Thirdly, limit the daily time of internet use, say to an hour a day. Then let them choose which time of the day they will be on the internet and they should stick on that. As this blog suggests, Norton Family, by symantec Inc. is a great tool with many options which even monitors what users do.