Sensoria: Foot Sensor Technology Protects from Running Injuries

Thanks to technology, we can now lead very fit lives. With the introduction of smart watches and training gadgets into the market, fitness training has never been made more effective and much easier. These gadgets help you know how much you have run and even monitor your body vitals while you are working out or running. One problem that most of these fitness gadgets do not solve is to tell you, the runner, how well you are running. This usually leaves one to run in a manner that more often than not, can lead you to get knee and ankle injuries such as patellofemoral pain syndrome or runner’s knee and Achilles tendonitis.

Now, imagine having someone with you at all times while you are running to tell you how well you are running. To encourage you to increase your pace and to correct you if you are not running properly. Thanks to Sensoria shoe sensor technology, you can have a virtual assistant with you at all times while you are running who will guide you and help you run in the best way to avoid injuries.


Watch this video to see how the sensors transmit the pressure data from your feet to a mobile cell phone in the form of a heat map.


The technology behind this virtual assistant is the sensoria sock, anklet and smartphone app. The sensoria sock is fitted with three textile sensors which function to monitor your cadence and foot pressure. The sock has conductive fibers which will then relay this information to the anklet which is connected to the sock via a magnetic attachment. The sock then relays the information to the mobile application on your smartphone. Your virtual assistant may then inform you about your running form and advice you whether you should change your pace or foot landing so that you can achieve your goals or avoid injuries while running. The anklet is usually connected to your phone via Bluetooth signal.


There are a variety of benefits associated with the use of the sensoria sock. These are basically the reason why the sensoria sensor technology was developed.

  • First and foremost is the virtual assistant. With the Sensoria app getting constant information from the sock’s sensors via the anklet, the virtual assistant is able to encourage you and help you attain your running goals for the day. The virtual coach provides you with instant feedback so that you know how well you are running so that you can improve your running form.
  • The app helps you monitor your foot landing and cadence so that you can avoid any injuries. Many people hit the ground with their heel whereas the proper landing is with the midfoot. The app will receive signals from the sock and tell you what to do to improve your foot landing.
  • With the app, you can set your goals and the virtual assistant will help you achieve them as you run.
  • You can also view you running data on your computer and monitor how you have been running over a period of time.

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