What Are The Benefits Of Using Protein Supplements When Lifting Weights?

Weightlifters need a lot of muscle strength, power, and quick muscle recovery after training sessions or competitions. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that protein supplementation significantly improves the performance of weightlifters in a number of ways through its variety of benefits. The research that was led by Stuart Philips, a McMaster University professor of Kinesiology, revealed that benefits of protein powders increase with resistance training experiences for weightlifters. The following of some of the benefits;

1. Builds muscle

Results from the study agreed with similar research findings that consuming protein after workouts boost your protein synthesis in muscles. Ultimately, this process results in a muscle increase. Debra Wein, a registered dietitian, confirms the findings and told LifeToLiveIt that protein supplements can stimulate significant muscle gains especially when combined with regular strength training and proper nutrition.

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2. Increases muscle repair

Protein supplementation has been found to be vital in protein synthesis, particularly when the protein supplement is rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which help in muscle building and repair. So using protein supplements when weightlifting will improve your muscle growth, performance, and recovery. Whey protein is especially very rich in BCAAs.

3. Protein supplements get digested a lot faster

As a weightlifter, you need protein that can be digested faster to offer you quick muscle strength and power before training or competition sessions. You can achieve this by using protein supplements. Some studies have, in fact, shown that some protein supplements have a way better biological value than many other natural good protein sources.

4. Protein supplementation offers you better immunity and mental agility

Besides the strength and the power and big muscles, a weightlifter has to be focused and remain both physically and mentally healthy. Protein supplements, especially those with glutamine can help you achieve stellar brain health and stronger immunity. The amino acid as also been shown to boost protein metabolism.

Research conducted by the International Society of Sports Nutrition found out that individuals who took protein supplements shortly after working out had decreased muscular soreness, fewer medical visits and better responses to infections. Individuals that received a placebo immediately after work outs made more medical visits and had slightly increased muscle soreness.

5. Protein supplements offer compact nutrition

Protein supplements are isolated sources of nutrition, meaning that they provide enough nutrition for relatively fewer calories. After your weightlifting sessions, your body is usually in need of a lot of nutrition for recovery but not so much protein, which is what protein supplementation offers you.

Generally, as a weightlifter, you realize that your success largely depends a lot on your protein consumption. You need protein almost every time; when you wake up, between meals, before your workouts, after your workouts, and just before you go to sleep. Meeting this protein requirement can be quite challenging, and that’s where protein supplementation comes in handy. You get to meet your protein demands very easily.