Why FinishLine.com Shoes are Perfect for Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Projects

Photogrammetry Taking PhotosBeing a part of the 3D Animations department in my design school means that I get to have a lot of fun trying to replicate reality on an onscreen platform where graphical medium incorporates the 3 dimensional representation of everyday objects, scenes and even people. This may seem like a lot of fun (and it certainly is), but sometimes staying up and walking for over 12 hours straight can really mess up your feet if you are not careful. As a part of our design program, we have to use a series of photo images that we can digitally place together to create a map of 3D space or model. This basically means that we have to keep walking around a lot, taking images one after the other, until we have the entire set to start our work with.

This is a process of science called Close-Range Photogrammetry, and it often involves remote sensing. Remote sensing allows us to measure and record complex 3-D motion fields. We have to either use tripods (which we carry around) or simply our hands to hold our cameras and shoot our drawings, measurements and any 3D models from all sides to get the perfect set of images which we can manipulate digitally. photogrammetry mountainThis is an Image-based Modelling process which is most effective while building animations based on the photo references, engineering structures, taking building measurements etc. Sometimes, this kind of project can be easily finished within a matter of weeks in a studio. But other times (especially while working on outdoor animation scenes) we have to carry our cameras and other gears to a certain scene or place to do our work. We start by placing remote sensors all around (and they really can stretch over miles) just so that we can build a detailed 3D animated landscape by using the images and data we get as reference. This basically means that to set up the remote sensors, students often have to hike for hours on rough, uneven terrains.

Finish line hiking bootsWhen I joined the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Society, I walked around on flats or sandals with the idea that these shoes will be the perfect choice for such a job. The lack of heels made it easier to move quickly without tripping, and I was cutting away the risk of endangering the arch of my heels and my back. But after a couple of months my feet started to ache a lot. I would come back home and dip my feet into a bucket of warm water to ease the pain. Initially I passed it off as a symptom of feet exhaustion, but with time the pain just doubled. I had no option but to visit my podiatrist who examined my feet and told me to stay off the flats! Did you know that flat shoes are actually not very healthy for your feet at all? The flats are not built to accommodate the curves of the feet, and the lack of an arch on the base means there is an uneven pressure building on the soles of the feet. My doctor directed me to the website FinishLine.com, and since then I haven’t had a single complaint regarding my feet!

FinishLine.com has a very good collection of athletic shoes that are meant to perform the best under pressure. And with a finish line promo code you save around 20%. I am a big fan of their sandals and the casual collection, and I recently bought myself the Women’s New Balance 774 casual shoes which are absolutely perfect for hiking and walking for long hours. I have never had any trouble with my feet again, and they stay healthy day after day so that I have plenty of energy to do my job with perfection and passion.

My 7 Favorite Finish Line Promotions and Sale Offers for Summer 2015

The other day I was thinking – with summer practically around the corner, now’s a better time than ever to get a pair of new shoes. So I made a mental note of all the qualities I was looking for in a new shoe. Price came in at #1, closely followed by comfort and style. So, where to start? Well, the internet is full of different brands competing for your attention. But then I visited Finish Line, just because it always seems a lot easier to find exactly what you are looking for all in one place.

Have you heard of Finishline.com? It’s a big retailer of athletic and performance footwear. With experts being bullish about the future of the company, as more stores are opening around the country, and with their partnership with Macy’s and Reebok, Finish Line is poised to become our favorite athletic apparel store.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the current Finish Line sales offers with you today – just in case you’re on the lookout for summer footwear. The good thing about all of these is that you don’t need to enter a Finish Line promo code, so there’s no more wasting time trying to find the right box to enter your code during the checkout process! You’ll need to keep an eye-out for the closing dates on these offers though, as many expire in the next month or so. I present to you the best Finish Line sales offers for summer 2015…

1. Free shipping on thousands of shoes

Yes, paying for shipping can be a right pain. Sometimes you expect it to be included in the price when go online shopping, other times you’re presented with it during the checkout process. Not many online retailers offer free shipping anymore it seems, so this offer’s pretty special. Hurry up though – you’ll need to be quick! This one closes on 07/30/15. So, what do you get? Well, free shipping on thousands of shoe styles on Finish Line’s online store. However, out-of-stock or cancelled merchandise, diverters, wholesalers, resellers, and customers living in Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from this offer.

2. 75% off men’s basketball items

If you’re looking for basketball footwear, accessories, and apparel, Finish Line has you covered. Here you can save 75% on selected basketball sale items. What’s more, you don’t need to use a Finish Line coupon to save money.

3. 60% off women’s footwear

Expiring on 06/15/15, this offer allows you to save 60% on different shoe designs and styles from the Finish Line online store. Remember – finding what you want from the company’s website is straightforward. Just use the search feature to be presented with a list of items based on your query in just a few seconds, or use the different navigation tools and menus to filter through different results.

4. 80% off kids footwear and free shipping

If you are looking for summer footwear for your children, Finish Line has a wide range of styles for kids of all ages, including shoes from famous brands. This offer entitles you to 80% off selected kids footwear, as well as free shipping. Both of these offers will save you a considerable amount of money. For similar deals, and Finish Line promo codes check Brad’s deals.

5. Get 60% off and free shipping on selected styles

This offer not only provides you with savings on footwear in different styles and designs, but you can also get free shipping too – saving you a significant amount of money in total. This offer is only available until supplies last so you’ll need to be quick. Here are some tips on how to get this offer:

  • You’ll need to look for “free shipping” which will be presented next to items that are eligible in this offer.
  • Remember – if you have other items in your shopping cart which are not part of this offer, you will be charged shipping. This Finish Line special offer can’t be combined with another exchange, group sale, or promotional offer.
  • Oh, and one last thing – the offer isn’t valid on previous purchases.

6. 50% off men’s footwear

If you are a man looking for footwear, you’ve come to the right place. This offer expires on 06/15/15 and entitles you to 50% off selected styles during the end of season sale. Nike styles are excluded from the offer. Like I said earlier, you don’t need a Finish Line coupon to enter for this offer, and will just need to visit the Finish Line website.

7. 40% off selected women’s pants and shorts

Finally, if you are looking for women’s pants and shorts for the summer, Finish Line are currently offering 40% off on selected brands. You won’t need to use a Finish Line discount code with the offer either. Nike styles are excluded with the offer.

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